In this hero tutorial we will learn how to use fire mage heroes, Son of Flames - Valir (Phyrus)



I play this hero is the same as Gord's gameplay, even though Valir / Phyrus is indeed a student from Gord, he uses magic power (arcane) and deals damage magic area just like Gord. The way to play Valir is also not much different from Gord, both of them do not have the skill / mechanism of good movement, all the damage from the skill-skill is in the form of AOE / area, and how to use it is also very simple.

According to me this hero is one of the easiest heroes to play but tends to be very OP / strong, even now in advance the Valid server is very often banned on the draft pick, most likely later when released on the original server this hero will become one of the auto hero lists ban on ranked mode. Without much ado, let's start learning the tutorial on how to play this hero fire mage, starting with the explanation of the advantages and disadvantages first.

Valir advantages:

Burst damage is a massive area, all three Valir skills have a very high damage area, it is perfect for cleaning wave minions quickly and also during teamfight, but unfortunately these skills cannot be used to quickly kill jungle monsters so he cannot grow quickly like Harley and Gord.

Hero push and tower defense, skill 3 Valir has a wide and continuous damage area so that it will be very annoying to the enemy both when attacking and maintaining the turret, especially this skill also has CC / crowd control effects in addition to giving a huge damage.

Easy to use, how to play this hero is very simple and includes easy to master, even though it's easy but this hero is included in the OP so it is very suitable to be used by players who are laymen and those who are already pro. It can be said that Valir is one of the heroes that is easily OP (easy to play and very strong).

Very good anti-chase skill and counter, with 2 skills it can push enemies to even stop enemies even using skill charge, besides skill 2 can also count a number of skills such as the ultimate skills of Lolita and Odette, ultimate skill Valir can also stop many hero skills Another thanks to the knock-up effects such as stopping Akai and Gord's ulti skills.

Valir shortages:

It does not have a single target damage burst, because of all the area attacks it cannot kill 1 particular target quickly, for example, like when it crunches it takes a long time, besides that the ultimate skill also has a random damage area so it will not always be 100% about target heroes.

The movement is slow, just like the teacher, Valir has a slow movement and does not have any movement / movement mechanism on all three skills, so this hero will be very easily snatched and hit by a gang especially if no one is backing up.

It is very easy to avoid, although the damage area is quite sick, but unfortunately these skills tend to be slow, especially the skill 2 which is easily avoided by the opponent, skill 1 is very fast and difficult to avoid but this skill does not provide significant damage and only as a slowing down enemy movement (slow down), the ult skill is also very easy to avoid, so use these skills at the right moments and timing, especially when attacking towers and war teams.

Dependent on the team, the biggest weakness of this hero is that he needs backups from friends, because if he is alone he will be very easily taken away, so don't push lane alone / solo when using this hero, keep hiding behind the team and support them from behind throughout the game.

Valid tips for build items:


Prioritize to build item damage magic so that the skill area gets sicker.
The first line item build is full burst magic damage, this build is suitable for various situations.

The second line build item is more focused on playing safely, we need cooldown to be able to spam skills more often both for attacking and defending and a little extra lifesteal (spell vamp) just in case you don't die easily.

Build Valir / Python items are flexible enough, the most important thing is to stay focused on magical damage as high as possible and try experimenting with various item combinations that match your style of play.

The most suitable battle spell for Valir is Flicker.

For emblems we can use Magic emblems.

Valir is great for fighting the following heroes:

All hero tanks
All fighter heroes

Valir is very weak against the following heroes:

All assassin heroes

You could say Valir (Phyrus) is a hero who is quite neutral, the strength of this hero depends on the composition of our team and the opposing team, whether the team can protect us well and how we position ourselves is the key to victory in playing this hero.

When is the right time to use the ultimate skill?

The best time to use the skill 3 is when you are attacking / defending a tower and teamfight / war team, you should use this skill when the area is crowded hero (many enemies) and a clash is happening so the battle cannot be avoided.

Thanks to the crowd control effect and wide area coverage, the enemy does not have the opportunity to survive and is very vulnerable if it continues to be inside the tower, so use the Valir ulti skill at moments like this.

Tips & tricks for Valir hero guide:

Focus on collecting exp and gold from wave minions, because he is long enough to farm in the jungle / jungle, then the fastest way to make him level up is to use damage to his area to finish off Minion, and the rest just to farm jungle monsters with friends / team.

Remember skill 2 can counter many things, starting from enemy charge / chase skills, and tackling some CC-susceptible skills, for example we can stop Tigreal ulti using skill 2, so try using this skill not just as a damager but also as crowd control and anti-skills of enemy heroes.

Always support the team from behind, imagine like we are playing Gord, don't ever walk / be alone in the enemy lane, always make sure there are friends who are backing up and never push forward without the help of the team especially if we don't know where the enemy is.

Use skill 3 at times that are inevitable, such as when you are push and def tower, then use it when teamfight / war team is in a position that can deal with as many opponents as possible.

Remember skill 3 also has crowd control effects and can control other hero skills such as ultimate Akai, Odette, and Gord, so if skill 2 is cooldown and our team is having difficulties due to enemy skills, we can use ulti skills to help the team escape from the situation.

Longlive Gamers!

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