Tips Using Belerick on Mobile Legends

Free does not mean being a burden! This phrase is very suitable for depicting Belerick, the new Tank Legends Hero of the Tank which was released for free several weeks ago. His ability as a tanker as well as support for the team makes Belerick a Tank hero who is selling well in the Epic tier and above.

Tips Using Belerick on Mobile Legends

Tips Using Belerick on Mobile Legends

As previously discussed, Belerick has several weaknesses that can backfire for its users. However, this certainly applies to those who do not understand the characteristics and mechanism of Belerick's skills. Instead, he will become a Tank hero who is very GG if controlled by a topnotch pilot.

Let you be able to maximize its capabilities, let's look at GG tips using Belerick below!

1. Build an HP + Regen Item

Tips Using Belerick on Mobile Legends

As explained in full in the previous article, Belerick desperately needs items so that his role as a tanker really feels. For that, you have to build the item with the priority of adding HP and its recovery.

If you choose build specific HP items and regen effects, the build items in the image above are the most recommended. The combination of Oracle, Sky Guardian Helmet, and Antique Cuirass is enough to make your blood feel endless when fighting. So, all three can be said to be Belerick's must-have items.

However, the build of the above items is actually absolutely not necessary for you to use. It is certain that the situation in battle will make you inevitably have to be wise in choosing items. For example, if the enemy is more dominant, the hero attacks physically. That means you have to replace a special Magic RES item like Oracle or Athena's Shield to become an armor enhancer item like Blade Armor or Dominance Ice.

Likewise if you want to play more offensively than defensively. That is, you must choose items of damage magic such as the Clock of Destiny, or items of offensive and defensive combinations such as the Thunder Belt.

2. Recommended Emblem and Battle spell

Tips Using Belerick on Mobile Legends

As a Tank hero, Belerick is perfect for using tank emblems. The selection of the Tank emblem is based on the addition of a significant HP and a cooldown reduction effect that can make you continue to issue 1 or 2 skills. For the choice of talent, Tenacity can be the best choice thanks to the ability to survive which increases when HP is below 40%.

Due to the lack of skills to escape, even Flicker battle spells are a mandatory choice when you use Belerick. Of course, it will be easier and bigger to get away if you use Flicker.

If you feel confident with Belerick's escape skills from his 2nd skill, then Heal is the most suitable battle spell option. When you have used standard heal abilities, Heal's battle spells are more than enough to extend Belerick's life on the battlefield.

3. Aggressive since the beginning of the game

Tips Using Belerick on Mobile Legends

Thanks to his passive skill, Belerick can attack the enemy automatically if the damage he receives reaches 200. This ability also makes you have to play aggressively from the beginning. Because, the more often you get damage, the more damage is done to enemies from passive skills.

However, playing aggressively using Belerick must consider various things. To be sure, you won't be able to be alone in one lane. He will bother you yourself because it is classified as a soft hero tank at the beginning of the game. So, even if the situation 2v1 or 1v1 is less profitable for him in the early minutes of the match.

4. Combo Skill 1 + Passive

Tips Using Belerick on Mobile Legends

Belerick's passive skill ability indeed makes him able to become a Tank hero as Marksman's hero thanks to his automatic attack. This skill will really help you in battle. However, mastering it actually isn't that easy. It takes understanding of the chain effect of passive skills and 1 so that the effects and damage are felt more.

As discussed earlier, automatic attacks of passive skills have weaknesses in the form of attacks that come out randomly. Actually, this is true. However, that doesn't mean you can't really focus attacks on just one hero.

To focus an attack, you can use skill 1 to give the enemy a sign of Nature's Seed. The enemy hero affected by the mark will be the target of a passive skill attack.

So, if you want to initiate a war, make sure the Nature's Seed mark must be about the enemy carry hero. This is because the damage from the passive skill will feel more painful for the soft carry hero. That's why, don't try at all about the enemy Tank hero because the damage output doesn't feel maximal.

5. Take advantage of the RegenSkill Effect 2

Tips Using Belerick on Mobile Legends

Although not very good as a disbanded hero or initiator, Belerick is very good at HP recovery. You can get this ability from skill 2 and Ulti.

Skill 2 is also useful to attack and increase Belerick's mobility. However, the effect of HP recovery is what you really have to use from this skill. Activating this skill will indeed sacrifice a little HP. However, the cellphone you sacrifice will return when you attack the enemy.

The recovery effect is not really felt if you have a lot of cellphones. Because, the recovery ability of this skill is calculated based on the amount of cellphone that has been lost. So, the recovery effect will be maximized if Belerick is dying.

In essence, don't forget to attack enemies. If you only activate skills without attacking, you only sacrifice blood without restoring it.

6. Prepare the Skill Ulti for Team fight

Tips Using Belerick on Mobile Legends

It has been mentioned earlier that Belerick deserves to be called a Tank Hero of Support. Compared to other Tank heroes in Mobile Legends, the Belerick Ulti skill actually acts as a buff for teammates. Among Tank Mobile Legends heroes, only Hylos have Ulti skills with Support characteristics.

Well, this is what you must use to protect teammates from enemy attacks. This Ulti skill made Belerick seem to be a 'natural skill' due to the transfer effects of the damage his teammate received to him. The damage received by Belerick will also be reduced by 30% when this skill is active.

Seeing his ability, meaning you have to use this skill at the right moment. If your teammate wants a team fight, make sure the Ulti skill is no longer paused with the HP condition still full. If it's really pausing, that means your team mates are better off waiting until Belerick Ulti is active than taking risks.

7. Bring it to the Late game

Tips Using Belerick on Mobile Legends

As discussed earlier, Belerick is the weakest Tank hero in Mobile Legends. Eits, don't be emotional first. You see, he was very soft at the beginning of the game because of the basic attributes of his armor and low HP.

As the game progresses, you will also get items according to the builds described above. This indicates that Belerick relies heavily on items. However, once the build items have already been made, the difficult situation you feel has turned back to your advantage.

Belerick's ability is indeed maximal in a high level and the right item support. The more crunchy and the more mobile, the effect of automatic attack on passive skills is also increasingly hurt for the enemy.

So, try to bring the game until the late game if you are in a state of being left behind. The point is not to give up even though the situation is not profitable. Hold the enemy first until they are upset themselves, then you will entrust everything to your team mate carry hero.
When it was first released on the test server, Belerick was considered to be very OP due to recovery and HP capabilities that seemed to never run out. However, it should be noted, what you see might be the ideal situation for him, namely in the late game. It is in this phase that Belerick will show his true strength which is helped by a combination of good item builds.

It looks like you are raising a plant. The better the quality of fertilizer and diligently water it, the plants that you have will also be more fertile. The same thing applies to Belerick. If you can use it properly, its potential will come out maximally.

Longlive Gamers!

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