In this hero tutorial we will discuss one of the OP super heroes and it will probably be the strongest fighter in its appearance on the original server, Thamuz.



Thamuz is a fighter hero who can throw sickles to disrupt enemy formations including continuous damage / poke, his ability to split the opposing team very well to disrupt enemy strategy and provide a very massive space for the team both when push turret and retain the tower.

According to me this hero is very powerful (tends to OP) and will probably be one of the best fighter (even though it's already on nerf) because the burst damage and crowd control capabilities are very high, with the versatile skill 1 we can use to hold, push / attack, lure enemies and poke from a safe distance to repay the enemy's HP slowly. Without a lot of small talk, this is a complete tutorial on how to learn to play Thamuz, first we start from its advantages and disadvantages.

Thamuz advantages:

Fighter damage bursts very OP, the three Thamuz skills (including passive skills) if combined at the right time can make all opponents not move, because all the skills have high damage especially in the ultimate mode where it can burn all enemies around it and getting a useful lifesteal helped him survive in the midst of a teamfight.

A flexible hero, because of its unique ability, we can make it a very annoying tanker (with its CC skill) or a super fighter that can eradicate all enemies quickly, or a versatile semi tank-fighter (providing good defense and attack ), but I personally prefer to use this hero as a full fighter (or at least a semi tank) like Alucard / Alpha.

Multifunctional control crowd, Thamuz skill 1 is the main weapon and characteristic of this hero, he throws a sickle and the enemy hit by a sickle will receive a small DPS damage then when the sickle returns to Thamuz, the enemy hero around the sickle will be exposed to a slight pull (dragged ), this skill is what makes Thamuz able to divide enemy formations and easily mess up the opposing team's strategy.

Ideal in all phases & quite strong in early games, because it has passive skills and skill 1 which has very short cooldown, then we can spam those skills and give a big damage burst even though it's still at the beginning of the game so this hero tends to OP in phase early but calm because this does not make it weak in the phase mid-late game because this hero is a good fighter in all phases.

Quite easily mastered, basically playing this hero is not difficult, the only obstacle when we use this hero (including hero fighters in general) is to know the right time / time to engage (attack) and when to withdraw / retreat, essentially when we play our fighter not to be nafsuan and mukil because hero melee type fighter is very easy to be a feeder (dead continues and make full enemies).

Thamuz deficiency:

Often the main target when teamfight, because the form of this hero is quite large and intimidating, it's no wonder he is often the main target in the war team, not to mention that the role as fighter often fights in front of the line at close range makes us have to work smart same as the team because no matter how strong this hero will certainly not be able to defeat several heroes at once.

Need the right timing, we have to know where to throw sickle skill 1 so that the enemy is fooled / disturbed, then have to jump where with skill 2, and when is the right time to use skill 3 so that it can deal maximum damage to the opponent.

Thamuz tips on build items:


The build above is the Thamuz build item tips that according to me is the most ideal, the first line is a semi tank build and the second line is a full fighter build.

Use a build fighter semi tank (line 1) if the team lacks tanks or there are no hard tankers who can back up our team during war, with this build Thamuz has at least an extra defense that can help him survive when ganked by several enemies at once.

Use the build full fighter (line 2) if the team already has 2 tanks / enough tankers and requires the hero to have a high damage burst, I prefer to use Bloodlust Ax as a lifesteal item rather than Haas's Claws because in the game we usually use skill 1 more (combination skill 1 - skill 2) rather than basic attack, but if you prefer lifesteal items like Haas's Claws please build your own way.

You can try using other build items and experimenting yourself because this hero is very flexible, Thamuz can we build as a fighter or tanker, so there are still many other combinations of items that might suit / match your style and style.
The most suitable battle spell for Thamuz is Petrify.

Using Petrify for extra CC when the team war / teamfight, actually Thamuz hero is quite flexible and suitable to use any spell like Flicker and others, but since we usually open war and are in the middle of the opposing team when teamfight, of course Petrify stun will be very useful to provide a gap and help the team when attacking.

For emblems we can use Physical or Fighter emblems.

Thamuz is very good / OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks
  • All melee (fighter) heroes
  • Karina
  • Natalia
  • Helcurt

Thamuz is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Hayabusa
  • Lancelot
  • Gusion
  • Nana
  • Harley
  • Lunox
  • Karrie
  • Lesley
  • Claude

Tips & tricks for Thamuz hero guide:

How to play this hero is more or less the same as how to play Alucard, a fighter hero who has super damage burst ability but still vulnerable to crowd control and must be careful in combat.

Positioning and timing are the most important keys in playing this hero, remember Thamuz's main weapon is on spam skill 1 (including when picking up the sickle again), don't just play and hit haphazardly in ulti mode. Try to always see the situation whether it's the right time to attack aggressively (enter ultimate mode) or play poke safely with skills 1 and 2.

Take advantage of the skill 1 advantage that we can spam when we take back the sickle, sickle will return when the distance with Thamuz is too far, or we immediately approach the sickle and take it ourselves, or it can also use skill 2, take advantage of this ability to throw the sickle many times so we can give maximum damage to the enemy and use passive skills as best we can.

It is better to save skill 3 for critical moments like war / teamfight 5 vs 5 team, keep playing safe even in ultimate mode because it tends to be vulnerable to CC and is often hit by enemies.

Always spam skill 1 to initiate an attack, if you are unsure about your surroundings before engaging, try throwing the sickle into the grass / bush to make sure that there is an enemy hiding, what is equally important is to use this skill 1 to break the line of enemy formation, we can throw sickle to make enemies doubt when they want to engage, so be smart to maximize this skill 1 in the game.

Be diligent in watching Thamuz player's top videos and live streaming so that you can learn and master this hero even better.

Good luck.

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